Two activities that are much better on a white Tuff Spot

Tuff Spots are crazy popular now and Amazon seems to sell every colour. Our white Tuff Spot just arrived this week and it’s giving us some great ideas for mark-making/drawing activities and many other activities that are just so much better than on a darker Tuff Spot.

The particular Tuff Spot we bought was the White mixing tray by Keto Plastics and here are five activities we have found much better on a white Tuff Spot.

Picture of marker drawings on a white Tuff Spot

1) Mark-making with whiteboard markers

Our 4-year-old loved drawing pictures of all the family and the CrazyGadget Tuff Spot stand made it the perfect height for drawing.

Items in the photo:

Note that we had to use nail polish remover to clean the pens off properly and the black and green pens took some work to clean off!

Picture of marker drawings on a white Tuff Spot

2) Colour-sorting with milk bottle tops

We managed to save over 500 bottle tops from what must be a couple of years of milk! The three, bold colours between different types of milk top provide a good colour-sorting activity for a 2-year-old.

This activity helps to identify colours and it can be linked to the EYFS under the mathematics (numbers aspect) area of learning.

The white Tuff Spot allows the colours to stand out and be seen more clearly.

Items in the photo: